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Xanten Retreat is a unique place dedicated to the preservation and promotion of spiritual practices. Our goal is to provide participants with the opportunity to unfold their full potential in an inspiring environment and in communion with like-minded individuals.


We believe that every person has the potential to evolve and live in harmony with their spiritual side. Xanten Retreat is the place where this process can begin and flourish. We warmly invite you to participate in our retreats and deepen your spiritual practices, unlocking your full potential.

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Sai Shakti Foundation

Haus Fürstenberg is the headquarters of the Sai Shakti Foundation, dedicated to the research, education, and preservation of spiritual traditions. The foundation supports projects in Germany, India, and Italy. Within the premises of Haus Fürstenberg, the foundation organizes its own events as part of its charitable activities.

Sai Shakti Stiftung, Haus Fürstenberg, Fürstenberg 13

46509 Xanten, Germany

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